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In 2014 we were chosen to participate in the book 25 Kvadrat from the publisher Max Ström. The idea of ​​Ateljé 25 comes from a reasoning where we believe that the demand for a house like this is greatest where demand for extra space is the highest. That is, in terms of existing villas with smaller gardens.

It is also an obvious complement to the summer house where generations and friends want their own extra space to escape to. The experience is partly a journey back in time where farmhouses, outbuildings, garages and workshops were common features in the small-scale housing environment. Ateljé 25 is such a house. A workshop, studio, orangery or studio where creativity and creativity get their own space.

Ateljé 25

Client: Waldemarson Arkitekter

Architect: Waldemarson Arkitekter

Area: 25 sq.m

Year: 2018

Status: Ongoing

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