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This residential block with 18 apartments sits on the border between Smedslätten residential block and the open nature. The building’s rounded corners reflect the form of the old garage that used to be in this location, and are still partially remaining in the ground floor plans. Four stories plus an open rooftop are added to the existing garage building. The second garage floor is partly demolished, creating an opening between the green areas surrounding the building.

The plastered exterior walls contrast with the niches carved into the facade, with glazed windows filling the full height. Every apartment has two balconies with views to different directions. The 2–5 room apartments have two terraces each and a maximum size of 130 sq.m.


Client: Keralb Fastighetsförvaltning

Architect: Waldemarson Berglund

Location: Bromma, Stockholm

Area: 1 950 sq.m

Year: 2014

Status: Completed

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