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HSB NSV asked us to design a small but expandable home with a strong identity. The idea is that the house will be able to expand following the needs of the specific family or economic conditions.

The ground floor plus part of the first floor adds up to 112,5 sq.m. Furnishing the whole first floor, the house spreads to seven rooms plus a kitchen at 139 sq.m. The kitchen and dining room have a large, generous ceiling height. The rows of houses are oriented in double lines and the complex entrance paths, free of traffic, create semiprivate areas in contrast with the private back gardens.

Gustavslund HSB

Client: HSB Nordvästa Skåne

Architect: Waldemarson Berglund

Location: Gustavslund, Helsingborg

Area: 4 500 sq.m

Year: 2017

Status: Completed

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